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Middle east dental society in partnership with The American Board of Laser Surgery, are pleased to announce the First International Training program in Laser Dentistry that qualify you Introduction to the Course in Laser Dentistry Aim and Objective • To teach dentists how to use lasers with different wavelengths in dentistry, with accurate parameters and safety for the medical team and patient. • To have attendees understand dental laser physics. • To have attendees learn learn laser tissue interaction in both soft and hard tissue. Topics Covered in the Laser Course : • Foundation of lasers in dentistry • Laser physics • Dental laser history • Dental laser delivery systems • Dental laser parameters and calculations • Dental laser tissue interaction • Dental laser safety • Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) • Laser uses in soft and hard tissue • Laser uses in endodontic therapy • Laser uses in implant dentistry • Laser uses in periodontics therapy • Lasers in pediatric dentistry • Lasers in restorative dentistry Training and Hands-On : • Each meeting will consist of both lectures and hands-on training on both hard and soft tissue: Er:YAG and Diode lasers (soft and hard tissue). • Meetings will cover the different lasers used. ________________________________________ Advanced Study Materials and Presented in Didactic Sessions • The ABLS Study Guide on Fundamental Laser Science, Tissue Interaction and Safety • Principles and Practices in Laser Dentistry, Robert Convissar Course locations: Middle East Dental Society, Cairo, Egypt LECTURES and HANDS-ON TRAINING: ABLS and Dentistry Course Certifications: • Following acceptance and payment of fees, enrollees will receive in advance of the first meeting the Board’s Study Guide on Fundamental Laser Physics, Tissue Interaction, and Laser Safety; the comprehensive study book on Laser Dentistry; and other pre-course materials. These should be reviewed prior to the first June, 2015 meeting. • Each meeting will include didactic presentations on progressive portions of the ABLS Study Guide and the Laser Dentistry study book, and hands-on training sessions. • After each meeting, there will be a Written Examination and Assessment, addressing the ABLS Study Guide, Laser Dentistry study book, and hands-on sessions. Each session will build upon a review of the advance materials and learning covered in the prior session. • Following successful completion of the three Written Examinations, attendees will sit for an Oral Examination on their laser dental practice to complete their certification. The Oral Examination will be provided either in-person, or remotely via web-conference, based on the attendee’s and examiner’s schedules. Two Certificates will be earned: The International Laser Dentistry Course Certificate of Completion and The American Board of Laser Surgery Certification in Laser Dentistry.

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