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Face to Face Course

Expand your knowledge of lasers in dentistry! ​ Gain valuable experience in Laser dentistry with advanced techniques in clinical and cosmetic procedures. This course is designed to ensure practitioners can comfortably discuss and promote the use of a dental laser with a patient, in addition to developing the skill set necessary for a range of procedures. Dr. Mohammed Saleem is available privately for one-on-one, and/or group teaching sessions as well as practical application consultations. Regardless of your level of expertise, Dr. Mohammed will expand your current knowledge base, add value, and share best practices.

Mobile Number: 00966569255568

Laser destistry course in saudi arabia

What makes Our Face to Face Course stand out from the crowd is the practical aspect, which allows you to leave the course and have the confidence to start using a laser straight away.

  • Understanding on how lasers work, laser physics, and laser-tissue (hard and soft tissues) interaction

  • Be familiar with the laser operating parameters and emission modes.

  • Have acquired a thorough knowledge of laser delivery systems and power settings.

  • be familiar with different types of laser used in dentistry.

  • Understanding how to integrate laser service into you dental practice, Non-surgical, surgical and regenerative, periodontal therapy, surgical and restorative implantology, oral medicine, oral surgery, oral pathology, pediatrics, endodontics, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, and more

  • Understanding of the health and safety regulations in using laser in your daily practice.

Hands-On Training

Dr. Mohammed Saleem is available privately for

one-on-one, and/or group teaching sessions as well as practical application consultations. 

Dr. Mohammed Saleem

Postgraduate Certificate In Dental Implant

Post Graduate Diploma Oral And Maxillofacial

Master's Degree In Laser Dentistry (MSc) Degree Genoa University, Italy

American Board Of Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery And Medicine

Facial Aesthetic Medicine And Therapy (MSc), Italy

Director Of Laser Dentistry Course (For American Board Of Laser Surgery ) | 2014

Director Of International Laser Dentistry Course (ILDC) Cyprus | 2014-2017

ABLS Certification in Laser Dentistry

Full Diplomate Certification for Dental Laser Practitioners — in Fundamental Laser Science, Bio-Tissue Interaction, Laser Safety and Dental Laser Procedures

  • 5 cases in laser dentistry

  • 1 complex case (multiple places and techniques)

  • 3 moderate cases

  • 1 simple case

  • A presentation for each case (PowerPoint™ and PDF files)

  • 5 papers critical appraisal


Assessment and Examination


There is three Board Exams ( From American Board of Laser Surgery Certificate )

  • After completing the program, there will be an oral examination for final completion of requirements and issue of both certificates.

  • Study Cases with different technique presentation is required

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