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International Laser Dentistry Course

Around forty years ago, it was typical to hear that someone feels horrified when they even remember the last visit to the dentist rather than having an appointment to get their teeth checked or pull one out, it was a nightmare. Undoubtedly, this scene was only just before the great leap in dental technology and the massive improvements added to the ordinary equipment which were so inaccurate, painful and contaminated that ceased getting a precise diagnosis and providing vivid results. Since then, it's expected to receive a discovery or an invention daily, but after laser medication and treatment were used in dentistry, a new chapter in the whole field has started and ultimate functions are used as a result, I was immensely inspired by all Laser uses including its painless, efficacy in all dental surgery procedures and Less time in wound healing to do my PhD research hoping to leave an impact on this field.

In 2005, I finished my post-graduate diploma in dental implants. Then I got a master's degree in laser dentistry in Italy at Genwa University 2012-2014. 

I have chosen to be the director of education development in the American Board of laser surgery and parallel working as an oral surgeon in Saudi Arabia. And I'm the founder of The ILDC International Laser dentistry Course,2014. My curiosity led me to join the second master's degree program in facial aesthetics 2019-2022.

Dr. Mohammed Saleem

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