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About the ILDC

The ILDC was founded in 2014 we have provided 6 successful courses over the past three years, training and certifying over 50 dental practitioners in several important procedures including gingivectomy, frenectomy, gingival depigmentation, smile correction, fibroma, lipoma and many other laser surgical treatments and techniques in all dental department and run by expert Laser dentists for dentists and dental hygienists to offer high-level training and certification in Laser science and safety, and also Laser dentistry procedures.


The courses are provided in Cyprus,Dubai,Egypt and Saudi Arabia are internationally taught in English by renowned specialist dentists in Laser applications.


What makes the ILDC stand out from the crowd are both the theoretical and the practical aspects, which allow dental practitioners to graduate the course and have the confidence to start using their lasers straight away.”




The 6th International Laser Dentistry Course


First Module | Starting from 11th January 


Meet our expert team


It was a successful step I made when idecided to attend this course, actually, iconsider my self" lucky".

It was deeply helpful in improving my theoretical knowledge and my clinicalexperience in using a laser as a dentist.Working with dr.zietouni and dr.saleem is very special , they are very Collaborators, friendly, their unlimited generosity in giving knowledge and practical experience to me and mycolleagues , and how they dedicate their  time with us is very impressive

— Dr. Walaa (dr.wmak@gmail.com)

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